februari 2010


WP Comment Pages

2010-02-13 @ 17:50

Let’s say you have 200 comments on your site. Imagine if every comment was an unique page, complete with title, meta description, header and content. This plugin will add comment pages dynamically without screwing up your database.

  • suda
    2012-04-09 @ 10:17

    Is it possible to make this plugin work within the Flexx theme by ithemes? I have attempted it, but the comment page (although it shows in the page list) does [...]

  • mjg
    2012-02-09 @ 01:33

    Great plugin. Thanks 4 info.

  • Shenika Dagner
    2011-02-12 @ 22:51

    We have a fairly popular blogspace here at university and was wondering if I could repost this there? Thanks :-)