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WordPress SEO Content Helper

2013-05-28 @ 09:03

Want to rank higher in the search engines when writing your content? Then the WordPress plugin called SEO Content Helper might be for you. Support the plugin by spreading it (linking to the home page). Keywords First you add the keywords you need. Primary keywords are for ranking. Secondary are just if you want to see […]


WP Comment Pages

2010-02-13 @ 17:50

Let’s say you have 200 comments on your site. Imagine if every comment was an unique page, complete with title, meta description, header and content. This plugin will add comment pages dynamically without screwing up your database.

  • suda
    2012-04-09 @ 10:17

    Is it possible to make this plugin work within the Flexx theme by ithemes? I have attempted it, but the comment page (although it shows in the page list) does [...]

  • mjg
    2012-02-09 @ 01:33

    Great plugin. Thanks 4 info.

  • Shenika Dagner
    2011-02-12 @ 22:51

    We have a fairly popular blogspace here at university and was wondering if I could repost this there? Thanks :-)


WP Sitemap

2010-01-23 @ 19:44

Vid olika event behöver folk få presenter. Födelsedagar, jul eller då någon har gift sig. Skicka presenter till någon du tycker om som ska få lite extra uppskattning i tillvaron. Det kan det vara värt. A HTML sitemap with both post and pages. Easy to implement, just add a shortcode tag in a page. Tags: […]

  • Wally
    2012-03-07 @ 02:20

    I love this plugin, thanks a ton for creating it!

  • ady
    2011-09-16 @ 22:20

    why this plugin working on my website morbidly yes, although I have installed according to instructions

  • Как создать прибыльный сайт за 60 дней. День 3 | SEOTalks.in - всё о SEO, раскрутке и продвижении сайтов в интернете
    2011-06-30 @ 04:22

    [...] WP-Sitemap – плагин позволит Вам создать HTML-карту сайта на Вашем сайте. Для этого необходимо будет создать страницу, которую назвать «Карта сайта», а в содержании заметки написать: &#091wp_sitemap] [...]


Add to Header

2010-01-16 @ 14:49

If you need to add a stylesheet, a javascript file or Google Analytics code you normally need to edit your theme header.php file. Add additional code to your header WITHOUT editing your theme with Add to Header.

  • Hugh
    2013-07-11 @ 01:13

    Great plugin. Thanks! I'm happy to make donation to help support this plugin.

  • Nory
    2013-01-15 @ 18:42

    Jens, that's a great little plugin. Many thanks.

  • 12
    2012-05-27 @ 05:10

    Add to Header - Wordpress plugin - Script & code, stylesheet (CSS), Javascript (JS) & Google Analytics | devdevote.com I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am [...]


WP Paging

2010-01-16 @ 14:47

Unlike many other page navigation plugins, this one is based on a core page number function called paginate_links. You can modify the paging styles in many ways.

  • Wordpress Sayfa numarası verme eklenti
    2013-02-12 @ 13:27

    [...] WordPress page number download sitesinden indirmemiz gerekiyor, daha sonra Plugins/ yeni menüsünden eklentimizi [...]

  • Prakash Mishra
    2012-11-30 @ 07:13

    Thank you for nice plugin.But there is one problem.I want to see 5 post i.e Can you suggest me how we change the number of records in a page to [...]

  • TAyyeb
    2012-10-26 @ 19:37

    Thanks for sharing this plugin, but also let me know if WP Paging is good or pagenavi good ?