My kind of HTML

2010-01-16 @ 14:29

What is wrong with todays HTML?

I’ve created a lot of websites during the years as a web developer and I don’t think HTML is perfect.

How can we change it?

  • Instead of doctypes and other information, just add ”type” to the html tag.
  • Why is title not a meta tag? Make it a meta tag.
  • Why write ”text/javascript” and not just ”javascript”?
  • Instead of <div id=””>, write the tag name directly and maybe add an ID
  • Make every tag have the same attributes as far as possible.
  • Add href to all elements to make them clickable.

My kind of HTML

<html type="superhtml">
          <link type="stylesheet" href="style.css">
          <link type="javascript" href="javascript.js">
          <link type="feed" href="feed.xml">

          <meta type="title" content="Title">
          <meta type="description" content="Description">
          <meta type="keywords" content="Description">
          <mylist type="ul" href="link.html">
               <myitem type="li" id="item1">Item1</myitem>
               <myitem type="li" id="item2">Item2</myitem>
               <myitem type="li" id="item3">item3</myitem>

         <my1header type="h1" href="link.html">First header</my1header>
         <my2header type="h2">Second header</my2header>
         <my3header type="h3">Third header</my3header>

         <myinfobox type="p">Paragraph</myinfobox>

         <myowntag href="link.html">This text is within a class</myowntag>
         <myowntag type="id" href="link.html">This text is within a class</myowntag>

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