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Get ID by post or page name

2010-01-16 @ 14:33

What I don’t like with wp_list_pages is that you can’t exclude or include pages by NAME. Only by ID is available. Here is the solution.

  • Shaun
    2012-01-18 @ 17:13

    Really helpful! You wrote a beautiful script for WP programmers.


  • Ivan
    2011-03-01 @ 09:44

    Yes Jens! Yes!
    Are many days I'm looking for this solution!
    It was impossible to find information about what you wrote.!
    From now on you have a new user who follows your website.
    Big [...]


How do I set text-decoration: underline to dotted or dashed? Don’t use text-decoration at all. Use border-bottom on the anchor tag instead.

  • Patrick
    2012-10-24 @ 04:02

    Hi Tobi,

    You can remove all the images borders inside of a link tag by doing the following

    a img{
    border: none;

  • Tobi
    2012-03-17 @ 13:47

    What about pictures? If I use this, I get dotted underlines under a picture, if it's linked. Can I remove these, without giving the anchor-tag a specific class?

  • Quang
    2012-03-03 @ 07:47

    Yeah. Its nice trick.
    @Alex let forget IE6 plz.


Do you add multiple stylesheets in your HTML file? Instead of putting multiple rows of data in your HTML file, add them into your CSS file.

  • Nushae Fahey
    2010-01-27 @ 16:41

    I wouldn't use a blanket "don't do this" statement here. There are two reasons why you would (and should) use multiple stylesheet links instead of @import:

    1) alternate media stylesheets, for [...]


Disable anchor dotted border

2010-01-16 @ 14:30

In Firefox there is a border around the anchor element when it’s clicked. You can get rid of this dotted anchor border by disable it in CSS.

  • Prasanna
    2010-11-14 @ 07:09

    Thanks a lot , I goggled for 2 hours to find the solution finally got it here.

  • BD
    2010-11-05 @ 22:56

    this does not work in IE 8, FF 3.6 nor any version of Opera. bummer

  • Frank8u0
    2010-10-02 @ 23:19

    Thanks man, simple and clean. amazing little thing.


Do you add a class called ”clear” after floated elements to get the background to go all the way down? Use overflow:hidden instead.

  • pe3sos
    2010-05-22 @ 12:35

    i test this but is not fixed for IE6 in FF3.5 works good, thanks

My kind of HTML

2010-01-16 @ 14:29

I’ve created a lot of websites during the years as a web developer and I don’t think HTML is perfect.


I made a Google site search with ”menubar_sub” as keyword. The site could not be found with ”menubar_sub” as keyword. div IDs does not affect the search results.


Does Google rank by using input value as a keyword?